FREE Cyber-Crime Event For Business

Fraud affects 1 in 4 small businesses every year. Last year fraud losses to SMEs were estimated at £18.9 billion.[Action Fraud]. It can happen to any type of business in many different ways and no business is too small to be targeted. This means that the revenue, reputation and long-term health of your business could be at risk unless you take action.

Cyber crime is not the future.  It is the present.  Although the investigation of cyber-dependent crime, or crime that takes place entirely in the digital world, at the level of local policing is in its infancy, there is an increasing recognition of the impact that this crime is having on the people and businesses of Lincolnshire. This presentation will introduce the growing capacity for the investigation of Cyber crime in Lincolnshire; explain how a local police force plays an integral role in the investigation of crimes that have no regard for international borders, and consider the value of reporting incidents and sharing information versus combating incidents in isolation.” 

Detective Sergeant Mark Booth – Lincolnshire Police

Join us at this free two hour workshop to cement your learning and gain a deeper understanding of the latest cyber security threats hitting our society. Hear from the Police and Industry Experts on how to harness the most up-to-date tools to mitigate your exposure and limit any damage from a cyber attack.

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