Mileage For Life – FREE course about driving for the over 60s at The Coastal Centre, Mablethorpe

Wednesday 15th March 2017
10:00am - 10:00am

Mileage For Life – FREE course about driving for the over 60s at The Coastal Centre, Mablethorpe

Mileage For Life – FREE talk about driving for the over 60s at The Coastal Centre, Mablethorpe on Wednesday 15th March at 10am.

Mileage for Life is a bespoke driver training programme designed to provide additional guidance in a supportive manner for senior drivers

With a growing mature driver population, a large rural county and limited transport links; it is becoming increasingly important for older residents to be able to keep their freedom and flexibility of lifestyle through use of their own car. The Mileage for Life course aims to assist those who want to continue to drive into later life, the opportunity of an enhanced refresher lesson in order to drive safely, for longer.

The course is spilt into two parts; theory and practical and we begin with theory. The theory (classroom session) with peers is designed to bring senior drivers up to date with changes in regulations, signage and driving styles; developing additional skills for early hazard recognition. The theory element of the programme also enables drivers to ask any questions relating to the task of driving and in particular their personal concerns and uncertainties.

The practical element is delivered by skilled and qualified Instructors and planned for a mutually convenient date, usually with one other senior driver. The practical session is designed to meet the needs of senior drivers, particularly addressing and practicing the individual’s areas for concern. We enable strategies and techniques for practices and manoeuvres they may previously have avoided by building safe and confident approaches.

Will there be a driving test?

We feel it is vital to stress that this is not a test, but a programme packed full of information and an excellent opportunity to enable senior drivers to become safer and more relaxed drivers, extending their driving career beyond the point that they previously may have been unable to obtain.

The practical element in on road but it is not a driving test.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at focussing on the issues apparent to more senior drivers; including changes in legislation since test, eyesight and judgement, restrictions in physical movement in order to see properly, confidence etc. If you are over 60 the course is likely to benefit you.

How much does it cost?

For the over 60s there is no charge for the course.

We would be most grateful if you could encourage those senior drivers you know and love to contact us and allow us the opportunity to support them in driving safely for longer.

To book, call 01522 805800 or email

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